All You Need to Know About the New Nintendo 3D Handheld

starfox 64 3dsQ: What is 3DS?
The 3DS / N3DS with a full name Nintendo 3DS is the next gen portable video game console. It is a direct successor to Nintendo DS models NDS, DS Lite, DSi, DSiXL.
Rumors about the 3DS had been floating around the world month before it's officially confirmed at Nintendo's E3 press conference on June 15th, 2010.

Q: What does the name 3DS stands for?
The name 3DS derives from Nintendo DS (Dual-Screens) + the 3 in the name is so that it makes 3D S to reflect the consoles ability to display 3D graphics like what you would see in the movie theaters, but without the glasses!
(or maybe DS stands for Download Service like PSP Media Go and Nintendo will distribute a lot more games via on-line downloads using push technology to deliver 3DS game downloads directly to your console without You even requesting to see the demo)

Q: Nintendo 3DS colors at time of release?
Black, Red and Blue colored 3DSes have been shown by Nintendo, but also metallic Red, Brown, Metallic Purple, Aqua Blue, Orange were seen at the E3

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Q: Will 3DS have 2 cameras like DSi?
3DS has 3 cameras :) Two 3DS cameras 0.3MP cameras at the back to take 3D images and one in front looking at you - the same as in DSi / DSiXL.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Nintendo 3DS Price ?
All that is known is that Nintendo does not like to sell their products below their initial production costs, and that 3DS costs more to produce than DSi, so we can assume that the 3DS price will be around $250 USD and will go down as mass production and parts gets cheaper.

Q: Would I have to wear 3D glasses like in the movies?
In contrast to Sony's PlayStation 3D, the latest FullHD TV 3D technology and 3D movies, Nintendo 3DS comes with no special glasses needed to view the 3D effect! Nintendo 3DS shows 3D on a special Widescreen Sharp LCD without glasses.

Q: Is Nintendo 3DS release date announced?
Before April 2011 in the USA and Europe and there is a rumor that it will be published in October 2010 in Japan.

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Q: Is it another version of the DS or a totally new Handheld?
Yes, this is a totally new gaming console, same as NDS was a successor to GameBoy Advance and GBA SP.
Unlike DSi and DSi XL that were just redesigns of the original NDS with some added features 3DS is a totally different beast. To boost initial handheld sales it is backward compatible with DS game cartridges, but Nintendo DS and DSi will NOT be able to play 3DS games and 3DS Game Cards will not even fit inside the DS.

Q: Can I play Nintendo DS games on 3DS - is it backeard compatible with NDS?
The new Nintendo 3DS is fully compatible with Nintendo DS game cartridges, but unlike NDS and DS Lite it will not be capable of playing Gameboy Advance games. When playing DS games the 3D feature of the upper screen will be turned off and you are able to choose to play in original DS screen resolution or stretch / upscale the image to full screen mode.

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